Lagardère Travel Retail the Netherlands Supports Cultural Heritage

Lagardère Travel Retail the Netherlands values its community and cares about giving back. As a successful and growing business Lagardère Travel Retail the Netherlands has the means to do this. Preceding the 125 year anniversary of Carré it is time to pay our respects to the cultural heritage of our community. And what a better way to do this than supporting the epicentre of culture in our capital city; Royal Theatre Carré.

Carré, a magical place
Royal Theatre Carré brings back cherised memories for many of us. It is Holland’s most famous theatre, with a large and diverse audience. The Royal Theatre has a special place in the hearts of the Gerzon family. The well-known Christmas Circus is a family tradition they would like to continue for many years to come. The Oscar Carré foundation is committed to provide the future for Carré, to enable the theatre to do what it does best; creating a magical cultural experience for everyone. For all ages and all types of people from all over the country.

Investing in success
After more than a hundred years, Carré is still standing strong. The audience loves to come to the monumental theatre at the Amstel, which is opened 364 days a year and welcomes over 400.000 visitors. To continue this success, investments are needed. For theatrical innovations that keeps generations to come interested in its program. For the protection of the monumental state of this amazing building. For educational programs that inspire our youth. For a diverse and attractive program, which offers a platform for the unique productions that characterise Carré.

125 years Carré
At December 3th 2012 Royal Theatre Carré celebrated its 125 year anniversary. A moment to embrace, celebrate and honour. A moment to look forward to another 125 years of magical theatre. How can we ensure the future of Carré and keep the magic and cultural heritage alive for the next generation? Lagardère Travel Retail the Netherlands supports the Oscar Carré Foundation in its challenge to preserve the entrepreneurial and innovative character of Carré. For another 125 years. |