Gerzon Import becomes distributor for Lapponia in Germany as well as Switzerland

Posted 17/10/2014 - by pr in Import, News

We are extremely proud to announce that as per October 1st 2014, Gerzon Import, next to the Benelux will become distributor for Lapponia in Germany as well as Switzerland.
This new partnership allows us to continue to focus on steady branding and pricing. The management of Kalevala Koru (Lapponia Finland) has chosen to work closely with Gerzon Import, in which joint decisions about the production, collection and marketing can be made. The direct result of the collaboration is that all prices are the same for Germany, Benelux and Switzerland. In this manner we can better control the price competition of online sales in the border areas.
Lapponia is an iconic brand with a wonderful history and a strong design. Famous designers for Lapponia include Björn Weckström internationally known award winning designer and Mari Isophakala who follows in his footsteps and had also won many awards.
Lapponia is aimed at the fashion conscious, confident woman who appreciates design and compliments her own style by wearing eye-catching jewelry. The design, good quality and craftsmanship are what makes Lapponia a unique product.
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