Gerzon wins Corporate Responsibility Award 2012

Posted 28/03/2013 - by pr in News, Schiphol

Annually, the ‘Schiphol Consumer Awards’ is awarded to business partners at the airport that has made an outstanding achievement in the field of hospitality, innovation and quality. In the category Corporate Responsibility the prize has been awarded to Gerzon, the concessionaire of the travel retail & duty free fashion and accessories.

Gerzon received this award because of the broad and integrated translation of its sustainability policy into the daily business within the company. Gerzon has successfully launched an awareness project on sustainability among its employees and has applied many sustainable applications in their daily operations.

Philip Gerzon, CEO atthe company: “At the TFWA- World Conference the presentation by Bob Geldof on CRS was instrumental in changing our mission.
We have always pursued excellence in growth and last year, 2012, we had an increase of 21% in sales. However we also felt the necessity to grow in a responsible way and from 2009 we have implement a CSR strategy.

First of all we have decreased year by year our environmental impact. For example; we use solar energy at our head office and warehouse, we power electric cars, and carbon neutralize the aircraft emissions through the grass on our rooftop building. Every day we look at what we can do better without losing sight of our core business objective. Profitable and sustainable go hand in hand. Secondly we try to influence all our stakeholders, staff, suppliers and landlord to become part of this team effort to make the world a little bit better.

We support numerous good causes and charities globally and it is a privilege to work at an airport where the airport authority is just as driven as we are. Gerzon winning the Corporate Responsibility Award, and the fact that Schiphol invented such an award, is a tribute to the same vision.”