Lagardère Travel Retail the Netherlands for War Child

War has an enormous impact on children. The consequences can hold them back on their journey to becoming balanced and independent adults. War Child works hard at offering these kids a better future. As a family business, Lagardère Travel Retail cares a lot about children. We believe that investing in the next generation is one of the most important things we can do. For our future. And theirs.

The work of War Child
Millions of children are growing up in war zones, confronted with violence, loss and destruction. These experiences can scare them for the rest of their lives. They are often scared and very suspicious to their surroundings. War Child believes in the empowerment of children and enabling them to re-build their future. To realize this, War Child implements creative, community based interventions and conflict transformation programs. A proven to be effective, integral approach increasing the resilience of children and young people by working with them and their environment in order to strengthen their protective factors and lessening the risk factors which are influencing their development.

All War Childs programs are including recreational, sport and life skills workshops where children and young adults are learning to create their own opinion and make decisions about their own lives. The War Child approach is based on principles enshrined in international human rights instrument The Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). War Child educates children about their rights and how to play an active role in preserving these rights in their surroundings. Also, War Child stimulates the responsible adults – parents, teachers, the government and special aid workers – to make sure these rights are lived up to.

Lagardère Travel Retail the Netherlands for War Child
Lagardère Travel Retail the Netherlands believes in the importance of caring for our environment and our future. Especially the future of kids; the next generation. For Lagardère Travel Retail the Netherlands, War Child is a special partner to whom we would like to commit ourselves to support their activities. As a War Child Business Ambassador, Lagardère Travel Retail is not only supporting with financial aid, but also by offering our expertise in business when possible. Not just words, but action. Lagardère Travel Retail also stimulates her stakeholders to participate in building a better future. |